Cushions! one of my new years aims was to be more creative with my designing and get more interior projects on the go, This was one of the designs I created late last year, they sold really well, thankfully. Using a screen printing method is great, but a little restrictive at times, so i've created some new designs and plan to use a digital printers, at least then I can use the scraps and create other things with them so there isn't much waste. 

I've also been mooching around Birmingham rag market and the fancy silks store (if i have the money) for lots of nice textures, but I'm still drawn to clean fresh cottons as i'm cautious of over doing it with a
busy pattern.
The little bird image is something i'll be experimenting with, changing the colours to something more muted which will fit in most homes, Plus if i'm using digital I may use the opportunity to be adventurous with colour! 

If you're reading this i'd love to know what you think!
The size of the cushions will probably be around 14 x 14 inches, Perfect or would you prefer bigger/smaller?
Any fabric suggestions? 

Thanks for reading :)


Wine Labels

I've been designing Wine labels this evening These beautiful labels look great when offered to guests either as favours or on tables,
8 are available in this pack and everything can be personalised to your requirements such as colour and information 
The finished size of the label is 99 x 139mm and are digitally printed with self adhesive backs for you to put over the glass wine bottle. Best results will be achieved by removing existing labels from your bottles before applying custom labels.

What you need to do
♥ Message me after purchase which design you'd like
♥ Let me know your colour scheme and wording 

What i do
♥ I will prepare a digital online proof for you to aprove which will then be printed when you're ready, Once you have paid for your labels, Please check spelling very carefully, as once you have approved the sample the order is considered ready for printing and will be shipped


Feather Garland

I've been itching to work on something that lets me get off the computer and be a bit hands on, and i thought creating some feather garlands would work well, I decided to go for a pastel purple and some greys with fine silver glitter as extra detailing, They take a long time to make but they're worth it when you finally see them hanging up, They will be perfect for the party i'm planning, and after they can live in my room :P I'm planning to create a series of Garlands in various shapes and possibly some bunting with my fabric prints.
I've taken a few commissions for these, so if you're interested, let me know the colour scheme you'd like and I can create one for you! The one shown in the picture is 60 cm and available on my Etsy shop here