Hi there! It's been a while since I posted, i'm sorry. It was my 24th Birthday yesterday, so I was celebrating that with my family and friends, my lovely boyfriend took me out for dinner in China Town in Birmingham and my friends were there to surprise me, it was really lovely, and I genuinely had no idea. I got some lovely things for my birthday, tonnes of chocolate which is always fabulous, but i'll be the size of a whale by the time I got to Portugal in August, I also have two weddings to attend that month too, So i can't pig out too much :'( Generally life has been pretty nice lately, I signed a contract with Sydney Public Relations, who is now my creative agency handling my commissions and finding me work etc, so that is SUPER exciting, maybe they can get me out to Australia to do some work (wishful thinking) I got lots of new look vouchers for my birthday, they have SO many gorgeous coats in at the moment which I'm finding very hard to resist, they're all cut so beautifully and look so classy. H&M is totally gorgeous at the moment too, I bought a stunning dress with lace detailing which, does look a little like a neglige, but worn with boots and a leather it looks really nice. You can't see it much in the picture unfortunately.

I also got a gorgeous new lipstick, i've really been into Matt lipsticks lately, it applies like a lipgloss, which is really odd, but it dries and has a beautiful orange tint, perfect for summer and is long lasting. It's Collection - Cream puff in Fairy cake 3. At £2.99 it's ridiculously good value, which makes me very suspicious..... 


CoCo Chanel Perfume Illustration 7/20

7/20 We're getting somewhere now! It's so refreshing to add something to my portfolio on a regular basis, Also creating new content is really helping with time keeping, creativity and so much more. Don't get me wrong, it can be a massive struggle when juggling other tasks and have other commitments, but the rise in social media and interest has really been lovely. I've been eager to draw this legendary perfume bottle for a while now, and doing this challenge has given me a great excuse to do so, i'm also building up a much stronger beauty portfolio which I've been wanting to do for a while. I may have a break from the beauty products in the next few days and focus on food which is another avenue i'm eager to pursue, delicate cakes, biscuits and cocktails might feature in the next few illustrations. What do you think? are there any suggestions for things you'd like me to draw?
I also have some exciting news to share in the next day or so, i'm bursting not being able to tell anyone!


 apologies for missing a day, I think all this use of colour gave me a migraine ;) I wanted to draw some lovely pink and purple hair this time, inspired by Katy perry and her love of colourful hair this piece was created with her in mind. It took me the longest amount of time to create this illustration, and i completely underestimated how i'd have to balance my time, especially whilst working on other commissions at the same time. However, I love that it came out so well and the response on Instagram has been really encouraging


Watercolour Lips

5/20 My newest illustration, created with a mixture of digital and traditional techniques. This was a really challenging piece, I couldn't quite get the teeth right, and It took a lot of tweaking before I was comfortable to release it, I was really glad it only took around 4.5 hours to complete though! What do you think of this? are you liking the new colours i'm using in my work? 


Sheer Lingerie Print 4/20

4/20 As a fashion illustrator I am obsessed with some of the new trends emerging, one of them being lace bras, with thin straps, sheer detailing and beautiful colouring, they really make lingerie interesting again. I was pretty bored of the standard balconette and other shapes, so i've really taken to this. I've been wanting to draw these for a while now, and having the opportunity to create new illustrations every day has made me made quick decisions and actually take more chances. I've recently set up a society 6 page for international orders, so if you're outside of the UK you can now order my new prints HERE. If you're in the UK then grab a bargain,
Every image from this Illustration series are £10 each. 


Accessorise with Turquoise and Gold

3/20 I wanted to draw some of my favourite things, with one of the most lovely colour combinations, gold and turquoise. I've been waiting to try this out for a while now and I thought using it with nails and jewellery would be a great opportunity. I added tiny gold flecks at the top of the nails to create an ombre affect and used deep rusty golds to compliment the pinks. I've added a close-up shot at below so you can see all the delicate rings i've drawn, I love the look of piling up accessories and i've been dying to try it myself, but maybe i have to live through my illustrations for now. Make sure you check out the rest of the set and keep coming back each day.
 This print is now available for £10 HERE


Day 2! So, uncomfortably and unwillingly I was encouraged to use more colour in my work, Usually this doesn't go well for me, which is why I'm never too eager about it. However I chose to use some watercolour washes in my work this time and decided to use them in a different way, adding other hues and colours, making them look a bit more interesting and less flat, surprisingly it worked, I increased the saturation through photoshop to make them pop a little more with some curves, which seemed to give a really warm bright look to the finished piece. I was concerned that working on a new illustration every day would harm the quality of my work, I had the idea that rushing my designs would mean I would sacrifice the detail that I love to put in, But i didn't allow myself to do that, I worked extra hard and made sure I was creating content that I was proud to release, when it comes down to it I'd always chose quality over quantity, It's also made me make decisions quicker, which is where I think i was going wrong before when experimenting with colour, I'd over-think the process too much and never let it grow enough to enjoy the finished product. I've seen that coming out of my gothy comfort zone has really blown away some cobwebs and let the creativity flow again. Make sure you check back tomorrow for a new Illustration. Day 3 is going to be a little different.
 big Thank-you to Elliot for making me try colour again.

 This print, along with the shoe print from yesterday is now available HERE for £10 

Keep your heels and your standards high

Good Morning everyone! Thank-you for the increase in new followers, if you're reading now, Hello! 
 I wanted to let you know about a little task i've set myself, in the name of creating new content, in a fast and interesting way, I'm creating new illustrations everyday from yesterday to the 22nd July (My Birthday) So i'm excited to show you my first drawing, I've been wanting to draw some stunning high heels on top of my favourite books for a while now, A print which would look beautiful in the room of any fashion and shoe lover, Chanel is an enormous inspiration of mine so I had to sneak that book in too.

Prints are available for a cheeky £10 so get it here