Homely cushion designs

wow, it's so exciting to finally have them ready, it's not totally complete, but at least the flower cushions are, i've created them in several colours to suit different colour schemes in homes, and to see which are the most popular choices, right now they come in

and as an experiment a less bright green/turquoise.

I'm really pleased with how they've turned out, they'll be for sale shortly on my website for £17 with cushion pads included! However, if you want to be the first to have a free one, then join in the competition here Share the image and be in a chance to win the first one!
 I'd really appreciate your feedback on the one you like the most/most likely to buy!

Next to be printed and added to the collection are these lovelies, i'm having them reprinted so they're all on the same materials and have similar colours, Using too many companies make tracking down matching fabrics a long process!
Anyway, thanks for reading and i'd love to hear your opinion as always 


Competition time!

Hi there,
 Some exciting news! I've been working on my website now and I'm finally at a place where I can start running some competitions, my cushions are nearly done so as a thank you to everyone who supports my artwork I wanted to give away one! I'd love to give everyone something but I don't think that's a good way of running a business.... Ha
  It's so simple, just share, like, comment on the image and ill pop your name in a hat and ill do a lucky draw, the winner will be announced when I launch my website in July, I'm not stating dates as things are always doomed when you do! But I'll keep you updated anyway! 
 Thanks again :) 


Keira Knightly - Just married!

The beautiful Keria Knightly has just gotten married, i spotted a picture of her in the newspaper dressed in a floaty Rodarte dress skipping from the registry office, and i just had to draw it! I'm not sure if this is her actual wedding dress, she may have changed it for the evening ceremony, but it suits her so much, I love the added touch of the cat-eye sun glasses and flowers in her hair, I'm not sure where the cropped jacket is from, but it looks similar to a Chanel blazer i've seen.
If you've seen the pictures, they're very playful and light, and that's what i wanted to go with for the illustration, bright pinks and light colours!
What do you think?