All White Everything

ok,  So by now Fashion week has done it's thing and we've gotten a little insight into what trends will emerge and some crazy things that we're never going to be able to pull off..

As I've mentioned before I just adore WHITE, it's becoming one of my favourite hues, paired with mom jeans or black pegged trousers it can look so elegant and chic. Illustrating fashion makes me really aware of the trends and has really inspired me to get some new products out, I have some new prints up in my store and I've introduced these lovely white pleather bags, which are perfect accessories for now onwards and the emerging love affair with white.  My new favourite purchase is this new white blazer from Zara, I got it second hand from Vinted for £20, it's like new, fitted and has little gold buttons, it's perfect to wear over a blouse or a formal dress. it's also lovely with a stripey top underneath, which makes it a little easier to wear in a casual fashion.
My blouse is River Island, and my bag, of course, is handmade by me! and is a bargain £12 from my own shop HERE or from my ETSY if you prefer to buy that way!  from Fashion week i've also noticed some amazing coats, (macs to be precise) Jason wu is an enormous inspiration for me, but sadly I can't say there is one designer I love year after year as my taste and theirs, change so reguarly, I just enjoy it all for what it is and usally love certain pieces styled within editorial shoots etc. 

Being as mucky as I am,  this whole white clothing phase is going to be super challenging, but i am determined to keep this pristine for as along as I can.... within reason... not making any promises. As i I write I am eating a chocolate Eclaire.

Akris, Jason Wu and Issey Miyake


White Pleather Bags

I was sat watching fashion week a few weeks ago and noticed an emerging trend, White, it's going to be big, beautiful clean lines, boxy shapes and textures. I'm really looking forward to seeing a lot of the catwalk looks being worn in different ways for events and things. I've loved white for a while now, if you've read my blog you can see that it's a massive inspiration for my room and workspace. The one thing I've always struggled to find is simplicity, I was searching for bags, but unfortunately they all seem to be quite loud and chunky, I looked everywhere to find a beautiful simple bag which was worth the money. Then I thought i'd love to produce my own, Have a look at some of the photos i've taken of them, I love this clean white pleather, and it's so soft and comfy to carry. I've also put them online for a really reasonable £12, I'd love to know what you think of these, I'm also bringing out a new bag in the same shape in a beautiful powder blue hue.

You can buy this lovely bag from my website HERE for £12

 My favourite detailing is the heavy duty gold zip. 


Company Magazine, Natalie Lines Fashion Illustrations

Ok Ladies and Gents, the sad time has arrive, it's the last printed edition of Company magazine, and I am truly sad. As i've mentioned before I absolutely adored company for years now, they gave me my first illustration break, and really believed in me, I thought the magazine was going in an amazing direction with unique content and brilliant staff, i'm glad to hear they're continuing online though. These are the latest pieces i've done for them, and I am over whelmed at how lovely they look! The theme was bright bold colours with dramatic eyes and lips, It took a lot of work to get them here and i'm massivley proud with the result. I'm happy to say that you can buy one of these illustrations in A4 for £10 or A3 for £17 HERE. I'd love to know what you think of these drawings as they're a little different to my usual style!

One of the first looks which was due to be published (below) but i had to change it around to feature the pink and blue look instead, I really wanted to show this piece as i really did love the oranges and blues together, As i mentioned before, get a lovely print HERE and pop it on your wall. I think it's so striking with the burnt orange hues. 


Make sure you pick up the final copy, it's bursting with beautiful fashion tips, expertly designed and all over lovely! Have you also seen that you can win one of my newest Illustrations? Either Retweet, share on Facebook or Regram to place your entry to the giveaway, Exciting hey! 


Wedding Wonder Show Illustrations

Hey, I wanted to show you what I've been up to in the Illustration world! I recently created a fashion illustration for The Wedding Wonder Show, in Newcastle, the brief was to create a lovely boho bride who needs to be carrying lots of beautiful shopping bags. I thoroughly enjoyed this project, it had a general direction and wasn't too specific allowing me to put a creative spin on it, I wanted to use confetti all around, but a happy accident made me use it as decoration all over the dress instead! It's so nice to use so much colour, i wanted to keep to a colour palette of rustic golds and pinks. it's so exciting to see this illustration used in so many places over social media.

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Well, Bonjour. How are we all? I wanted to do a little beauty post today, As I cannot stand doing any full length photographs of myself for fashion post ( due to being tiny, and lazy) So I've been pinning away lovely beautiful natural make-up looks,  nude/pink lips with eyeliner on the lid and waterline, I haven't used pencil eye-liner in a while (probably gave it a wide birth after the emo days... circa 2006) but having seen some lovely ladies such as Sophia Vergara and Kim Kardashian sport the look, it inspired me to try it out again, and although lovely, I find it a bit high maintenance, but this is probably because it's not waterproof.

OH! and i forgot to say in my last post, if you hadn't already noticed, I didn't cut my hair, I curled it into tight curls and put it in a loose bun letting it fall out and pulled it forward to make it look like I had short hair, it had quite a positive response on Intagram, but i'm not entirely sold on it yet, hence me just testing the water!
I also used my favourite Shimmer Highlighter.

 I also thought i'd show you a little view of my workspace, I've had a little move around and cleared all the clutter away, i feel like i can think now it's all clean, This is where i create all my drawings, collect inspiration and relax. When I was doing my make-up I noticed how inexpensive all of my products were, I do love designer, but they are usually saved for special events, etc.

Rimmel Exagerate lip liner in - Eastend snob.
It's a perfect nude with a light pink for warmth, applies beautifully matt, super long lasting and doesn't flake or leave awful lip liner marks. The lipstick wasn't available so applying with the liner will have to do for now. £3.99

Boots tinter lip salve
For those days when you want the comfort of a lipstick but you can't dry your lips out, It has a lovely soft pale pink coverage, and a perfect moisturiser. £1.00

Cream Puff Matt Lipstick
I've written about this before, the photograph makes it look quite orange but it applies quite lightly like a lipgloss, and quickly dries for a matt effect. I was so surprised at how good this is, the colour is slightly coral and applies with one stroke. £2.99

Collection 60 second Nail varnish - Candy Floss
It's essential for nail varnish to dry quickly with me, I am so impatient with things like this, as soon as i apply nail varnish i think of a hundred things that I MUST do, i'm being dramatic, but the quick drying varnishes are something I love, it's exactly like candy floss and not too pastel as there's a slight shine, but not too much. It's goes really well with the Eastend snob colour! £1.98

Make up Academy Shimmer highlight.
This is my favourite highlighter, I love the sparkle which adds an extra bit of glamour depending on how much you apply, I would encourage you to wear this with pink lip sticks as it can clash if you're going for an orange bronzed look. It's a must have in my make-up bag and i'm on the look out for their gold version which is hard to get hold of as they sell out so fast.  £3

As always, Thankyou for reading you can keep up to date with me here!