I haven't had much time to really sit down and draw what i want, so i've only managed three illustrations so far, one each from NYFW, LFW and Milan FW, so i took the opportunity to have a little experiment with my work, each one looking a bit different, leaning toward a water colour style though.

New York: Ralph Lauren
 I tried to make this a bit different and have a hand drawn- not too neat feel to it, I added some highlights to the gloves and tried to make the face and arms have a pencil sketched look.
Ralph Lauren 2013 A/W NYFW

Next i drew an outfit from one of my favorite collections of LFW, which was TOPSHOP Unique, i drew their cleopatra show last year but i'm excited to do a proper illustration with the military vibe they've obtained now. This is one of the images i've drawn, i plan to illustrate a few more and arrange them all together. 


Keeping with my Watercolour theme i wanted to make this look quick and washed out, i'm not entirely satisfied with the outcome, but i do like the polaroid edges, once this is placed with the other topshop illustrations i think it'll work better, at the moment i don't think it's as striking as it could be (maybe a little dull) but as i said this is a small part of a bigger Piece.

This is, again (like the topshop illustration above) a small part of a bigger art piece. Gucci's collection blew me away, completely dark, alluring and beautiful it was a collection i saw straight away and knew i had to draw! Milan and Paris are the weeks i'm most excited about as my favorite designers are showing, everything is always immaculate and precise. This is a backstage shot i drew, As the collection is dark with mainly blacks and deep colours i didn't want this piece to be on a white background like the majority of my works, i think working on black makes drawings stand out instantly, every highlight is noticed and equally there isn't much opportunity to hide your mistakes.
A very early Work in Progress shot of the above illustration. 
I couldn't resist having a go at drawing this, I love drawing hair... 

My TOPSHOP piece from last year, egyptian inspired. I've fallen out of love with this and now want to redeem myself with a better topshop illustration to do their new collection justice. But this is the style in which i plan to compile the rest of the work. 
Another example of how i  want to arrange my new pieces. 

So, who are you most excited about seeing/illustrating in Fashion week? 
I'm looking out for;

Dolce and Gabanna

Dries Van Noten
Gareth Pugh
Nina Ricci
Viktor and Rolf
Vivienne Westwood
GIVENCHY (eeeek)

too many more to list!

take care x x 


Company magazine and new shirts

So! I have a few things to write about so i thought i'd put it all in one! 
Firstly, My illustration for company magazine has been published in their March 2012 issue, It's the second issue of Company restyled - with gorgeous Zooey Deschanel on the cover.
   My Illustration is to accompany the magazines new Book club, you can contribute your book recommendation on twitter with the hashtag #readitandtweet  (click the link) and maybe tell me what you think of my work alongside it :) 

I loved drawing this, i tried to go for a chic nerdy girl, a little bit like Jess from New girl, make sure you check it out on p94 
on company magazine online

thanks for looking, make sure you get the April issue to see new work!

My new shirts

i've been working on a few more shirts, i have a black cotton shirt with silver flat studs, or a pastel pink with tall silver studs. i love wearing these, they'll look great with knits and jumpers?

Are you interested in these? i'm planning to sell a few on Etsy and my own shop?
i'd love to hear what you think.

x Nat x


Skull prints.

After browsing online and looking in shops, i couldn't find the printed shirts I wanted, then I realised I'm an illustrator, with lots of spare drawings lying around, and i've always wanted to design on clothing so i took my favourite skull drawing and made a repeat print on a white shirt.

 I didn't realise they'd go down so well, so i'm seriously thinking about setting up a small shop to sell these. i'm working on a few more designs, tweaking the look and making sure they're perfect for print.

So, I continued with another idea, and left the whole shirt blank, and printing on the collar, i think this would look great under a nice chunky round-neck jumper!

I'd really appreciate your feedback, are they to your liking? would you buy one? get in touch at natalielines90@gmail.com 


florals and Pastels

Today i went on a Shoot with the Talented Chaz Barnes and Rebecca Yates, Collaborating on an a project i've wanted to do for ages! A soft pastel inspired shoot with some floral illustrations. I couldn't be more excited about the results, our Model Stephanie Warwick was perfect! I gathered a few behind the scenes shots, I'm just waiting on the contact sheets so I can start illustrating.

Rebecca started with a Purple dusty eye shadow to bring out the green in Stephanies eyes, she kept it all very pale and delicate at first which was beautiful. We then moved onto darker looks, messed up the hair and tried some moody lighting.

Wind machine in a can. 
Above: Stephanie brought a few beautiful handmade dresses in (to be credited) 
I love these photos, I just know i'll be completely undecided and overwhelmed by the shots and want to draw on all of them. :)

Rebecca brought in some flower bobbles in she'd bought from Accessorise, i wanted to mix some of my illustrations with actual flowers so we created a headpiece supported with lots of grips, I love the mixture of small and large flowers, we faded them out over the top of the head with individual flowers so there wasn't a mass on one side. I think it went really well, so i can't wait to start drawing on these (may have mentioned that once.... or twice)
Our inspiration for Makeup looks.