All these autumn leaves are yours tonight

I've been a tad naughty and treated myself to a few lovely things, Firstly I got a stunning new lipstick from sleek, they're fast becoming my favourite brand, I have a thing for matte lipsticks but I accidentally picked up a sheen instead, which is actually really beautiful, long lasting and a stunning dark red. Although I haven't quite gotten over my matte obsession, so I might have to go back and get my intended purchase. I also bought some light blue jeans with ripped knees ( my Grandma was really shocked that I bought trousers with rips in! bless her)
Natasha (my sister) and I went out for another Sunday stroll and took some photographs amongst the changing leaves, there really are some stunning sights in Redditch that people over look and take for granted, it was also surprisingly warm for this time of year. I wanted to show off some of my new purchases, such as a lovely gold necklace/choker from H&M it's lovely and reflective, and is a great addition to any outfit as a little glimpse under a a blouse  or on top of a t-shirt. I also got some gorgeous black loafers from NEXT, i'm not as fan of flat shoes but these are just stunning, i adore everything about them, and i'm wearing them all the time. Versatile, but not comfortable yet, hopefully they'll get a bit softer with time. 


Autumn Walks

Hello, so finally i've gotten outside for a blog post, it was so nice to go for a walk with my sister to clear my head, we went over to the garden centres and had a coffee and a chat, and wondered back through the woods and took some photo's and hung out.  So, this is my little sister Natasha, she hasn't got a blog but she does have a lovely Instagram if you're interested, we do have a similar dress style although i'd say she's a little more refined in her style than me, and often inspires me with the lovely things she buys, sometimes I feel like she's the older sister! 
Autumn isn't my favourite season, but I do love seeing all the leaves fall and the colours change, also buying lots of new knits and cosy clothes isn't so bad. I got some new trousers from H&M, my first patterned pair, I've been drooling over them on Pinterest and really wanted to try them out, for £14.99 they're great quality, and surprisingly i didn't have to take them up at all! I suppose i'm always a little reluctant to invest in patterns as they're very obvious to others when they're worn and I don't get as much use out of them, having said that, I haven't wanted to take these off, the colour and the print is so sweet and I do think they'll go with a lot of clothes I already have. I also bough a gorgeous cream mac in the sale, Natasha is wearing the Navy version below, it's such a flattering classic coat, and not too thick, Below I'm wearing my Cream thick Next coat (as i felt it was chilly today) and my River Island Cotton Blouse. 

Rings are H&M and Watch is from the sale in Miss Selfridge a few years ago.  I just adore all of the blues and oranges that work so well together in this picture. Natasha wears her earrings as ear-cuffs, as they are adjustable they can bend to any size, I just loved how creatively she chose to wear these.  My shoes are slingback Kitten heels from Primark £7
Grey/Blue scarf is from H&M