New designs

 It has taken me a long while to create my new cushion designs, i've taken lots of photos recently, mainly of flowers and natural objects, i decided to draw a few of these and see what they'd look like on a cushion, mirroring them and adding some watercolour splashes. It took HOURS,  i was always on the verge of liking the design, but not entirely. Originally i had lots of different flowers including lillys, and i think that is why i didn't like the look of the design, i was over complicating the illustration when simple is sometimes best.  I'm looking forward to getting these printed, with lots of different colours, such as fushia, yellow, grey and turquoise!
 Can't wait!! 


Listen and tweet

How rubbish have I been? I definitely need to blog more, I've been working really hard on launching my new website which is taking up alllll of my spare time! I'm panning on launching a site which enables my customers to easily commission me for wedding invitations, favours etc, through online templates which i have! As well as an online shop with my prints and cushions! It's taken a while and I've changed my mind so much... But I think I've finally settled on an idea,
I'm just so excited to start making some cushions, I have lots of ideas, I just wish I had the money for all of them, ha!
Recently I attended the company magazine music gig party! It was SO much fun, the foundation bar in Covent garden is so lovely, I'm a big fan of interior design, and this didn't disappoint, if you're around there you have to pop in. It was also a great opportunity to meet some of the team, who are so friendly! I was really nervous to meet them but I'm glad I did.
In relation to the music gig party, a new column in company has just opened called #listenandtweet featuring readers song suggestions, and new acts to look out for.
I currently can't get out of my head

Jai Paul - BTSU
Róisín Murphy - overpowered

Any suggestions?