Roses are Pink

Trying out some graphic design on top of my floral photography :)


What I got for Christmas

I got three extra awesome things for Christmas,
The first being this lovely little piggy bank from  Salt and Pepper, I'm obsessed with pigs. It's bright white and sits in my room perfectly! I love the gold crown too. I was so relieved to find it had an opening to get the money out, I've seen lots of lovely money boxes which you have to smash to get the money from, As satisfying as it may be I couldn't bring myself to do that if it were as lovely as this one!
The second was this little watch from Miss Selfridge, Unfortunately not in the sale but I was given a few vouchers so I decided to get it with that. I can't moan at it not being in the sale when it's £20 (I think it looks way more expensive than that!)
 I just love the design and it goes so well with my denim shirt and my thick winter coat.
Lastly, I got a Canon 50mm Lens, it was reduced and selling for around £80. Photography is just a hobby of mine, so i love picking up things to get me inspired again, and it's done just that.

I took a few photos so I could update my about me section on my website and have a play with my new lens

What did you get for xmas?


2014 Scandinavian Interior Design

Interiors have been a massive inspiration for me this year, having designed lots of cushions I've really taken a big interest in design and how they can fit within surroundings that i like. I've really loved scandinavian design, the bright whites with contrasting colours really appeal to me.

Images via Pinterest.

I've put together some buys based on my inspiration, I'd love to buy the expensive things, but what's the point when IKEA and Habitat have beautiful versions, i'll be buying these all AFTER christmas, so hopefully they'll all be a little cheaper, the thing i'm most excited about is the desk, its only £90 and the side pulls out, so it's great for when i'm crafting and that extra space when i'm sewing. I'm planning to put it in the corner of my room so it'll fit perfectly!

I would adore a real Eames chair to go with the desk, but as usual Ikea have brough out something which I love just as much.  The perspex chair (on the moodboard above)
I have lots of bits and pieces to organise so i love the habitat suitcase for all my threads and craft materials.

 I'll be posting pictures early next of my new room coming together!


Best blogs to follow for 2014


Good afternoon!
I'm in desperate need of some amazing new blogs to follow for Christmas and the new year, I want to really get involved and see some great blogs I can interact with an be inspired by,
So if you're blogging about fashion, illustration, crafts, fashion or lifestyle drop your link below and I'll check you out and follow you!

 Just a quick question, how would you recommend following people on blogger, I'm signed up with bloglovin which is cool, any other ways or simpler methods?

Looking forward to seeing some blogs :) 


Hand Made Butterfly Garland 6ft

So i've just finished making a lovely big batch of there Garlands! They've gone really well as christmas gifts, I assume as little stocking fillers which is ace!

Each butterfly is hand cut and then sprinkled with fine silver glitter and sewn together with around 35 others to make a massive garland, I've hung mine over my desk now (after moving it all over my room)
they catch the light with every turn.
They're not too christmassy, so they will outlast the festive season too.

For one pack of 30 glittery butterflies is £6 from HERE

Fashion illustration new working in progress

So we're fast approaching the NEW YEAR!
so i thought i'd show you what i'm up to and the plans for 2014, I've already finished a few Illustrations which will be in magazines early next year! which is mad to think i've already completed work which will be shown in the new year. (for two of my favourite magazines) I'll post them when the magazines are out! :D
This particular piece is in it's very early stages is drawn from some reference images that were taken by a friend of mine of a lovely model called Amy, She was great to photograph and gave me some amazing photos to draw from and play around with, I brought some roses on set so i could draw them and then visually build them all around to how I wanted, etc.
 This particular piece is only for my own illustration portfolio, but it's nice to do something for myself and explore some new ideas, techniques i'm working with.

If you can see the detail in the lips and eyes you can tell how pain staking it was to create all the little grooves and shadows, it's a difficult territory to be in, as I still wanted to retain the Illustration quality and not make it too realistic.

 Now! This lady is Laila Daho  you may recognise her from youtube! she does some awesome vidoes on make-up lifestyle etc, i'm working on a banner for her youtube, and this is a very early stage of the work! 


New fashion illustration. Blue eyes

So! A little different i hope, every new piece of work i do i feel like i'm getting a bit better and my style is evolving!
 I found my New Years Resolutions from last year, which were.

To get some artwork in a shop
Expand on my textiles
To refine my style

I've had a good go at all three! I've got my artwork and crafts in a christmas shop in Lichfield, made lots of new cushions and Designs, and created loads of new artwork!

Really hope you're enjoying my new work, This seems like a new style i'm really going to explore further,

I've got a few more Magazine Illustrations to finish in the next few days, Then i'll be starting my Christmas Holidays :D


Christmas Cards

Well, It's December, Already! Where has this year gone?
 We all had goals and ambitions for the year, mine was to gain more exposure within the Illustration word.
set up a shop! (DONE)
 and, I think, to explore my artistic style a bit more.

I do think i've achieved a little of it, i'm never 100% happy with my work, but i'm ok with that, personally i don't think i'll improve if i'm content (I think i've said that a lot)

I've made some really girly Illustrative christmas cards, they're luxurious, pretty and delicate, and are perfect to send to those friends who love Fashion and all the stereotypical girly things I adore too ;)
I wanted to experiment with the pink and gold colour palette, I think it works really well as a christmassy Card to go along with presents or as a gift card, After xmas I will be selling these as Happy Birthday Cards too!

They're £5 for a pack of 5! or £1.50 each
The pack can be a mixture of the two designs or of one only.
It's up to you, but be quick, They're selling out :)
You can buy them HERE