Listen and tweet illustration, company magazine.

As you may know I regularly illustrate for the #readitandtweet section in company magazine, I've also just started with the #listensndtweet section too. I love how involved twitter makes you, especially with the use of hashtags, my newest illustration if definite my favourite I've done yet!
I used a reference image of my sister, as she looks quite young I changed the face around keeping the pose the same, I tired to add a little more texture by drawing a jumper with a knitted look to it, it took hours! All individual pencil marks, but looking back I think it's why it's my favourite illustration, taking an extra few hours to tweak and concentrate on detail really makes the difference. 

I'm ashamed to say I use way too much pink in my drawings, I know I'll look back at my portfolio one day and hate myself for it, so I made a very conscious decision to exclude any girly pink hues, having done that I think it works well with this piece, it's still a little subtle with pastel tones but I wanted the lips and jumper to really pop, I think I'm going to explore this style a little more and try and refine it making it identifiable with me, it's not going to be easy but I'm loving having the chance to experiment.

Next month a new illustration will be featured in company showing some make up drawings I've done, it's a really cool article and its a massive honour to be asked to draw time after time for a magazine which is not only awesome, but filled with really lovely people! <3 I do pinch myself sometimes.

Sneaky look! Shhhhhhh x 
Thanks for reading 
Nat x


What she reads illustration!

My latest commission was for the gorgeous Georgie, who's started her new blog dedicated to her love of reading, including lots of lovely book recommendations, I especially enjoyed the book cover review, part, evaluating the artworks relevance to the story.
The blog is clean and fresh with bright pinks and yellows, I wanted to keep the illustration quite simple to compliment the layout and not compete with it, make sure you check out her website here http://www.whatshereads.co.uk/

Looking for an illustration for your blog? Illustration commissions start from £40, so email me at natalielines90@gmail.com if you're interested,