Maybe I should give a disclaimer, this post is a little girly and pink, and although i'm usually not into that, Pinterest has a tendency to inspire me, so i thought, lets give pink a chance, I don't think it's my colour, but tweaking it toward a purple hue is a little kinder on my skin tone I think! So yes, my inspiration lately is gold and pink, and on a crisp white blazer it really pops. I also bough some lovely white shoes from Ebay (china) They're beautiful little court shoes which look amazing with a tailored blouse and trousers. They are cheap, and you do get what you pay for, but they're easily replaced and they're a great little addition, if you're going to wear them I would always bring another pair of comfortable flats with you as a days walking in London in those nearly killed me. No joke. Having said that, it hasn't put me off them I just understand the appropriate times to wear them. I really do think heels are more comfortable than  most flats, especially if they are patent (lesson learnt the hard way) 

Accessories are a great way to include complimentary colours to an outfit, i love little gold watches and rings, H&M and Miss Selfridge always have amazing sales which grab my attention and never disappoint. Little hooped gold earrings and pale nail varnishes are a nice way to tie everything in a simple chic way, less is more I suppose. I went for very simple make-up which is super cheap, I can never go anywhere without my MUA highlighter, I really think it adds the finishing touch to a look. 
So, pink, it's not too bad, especially when used with metallics, and with the dreaded (or lovely) Valentines day ahead, we're bound to be bombarded with it. So we can at least make it look good ;)

I've made a special edition PINK lingerie print, available from my website shop.natalielines.co.uk for  £10 printed on beautiful watercolour card, and makes a great gift for valentines or any occasion, who doesn't love lingerie or shoes? There are other prints on there, which aren't pink. If you're already sick of the sight of it all! 

Thanks for reading, and as always you can catch me on my