Marbeled Phone Cases

It's a horrible blustery day (for a change....) so i've decided to get back into some crafting and step away from drawing and the computer for a while, it's been really refreshing and much needed.
 I've adored making these cases, instead of moving them around in a definite pattern I decided to let them bleed out naturally and blur with the colours I added. I decided on selecting certain colour themes for each one. As before i'll be selling these for £10 each for iPhone 4/s and 5!

I'd really appreciate some feedback on which ones to print first

I think the first is my favourite, it reminds me of a aerial photos of glaciers and mountains.

And I think the second has a little face in it which I cannot un-see now!
I created these and photographed them as I can never get a print from them with paper and it completely ruins it all :'(  I then edited them in photoshop, you can see below what they look like before I tweak them,


River Island Illustration

The River Island campaign is EVERYWHERE at the moment, and i just love the styling, each time i saw an advert i thought about illustrating it, finally i had the chance and decided to create something.
 I really like the first WIP drawing below, especially the half tone hair and the thick edges.

I gave the hair a little more attention and used some watercolours within the hat and jumper,
I really like the added detail as it looks finished now, but it still has the abstract feel which i wanted to keep!

River Island spotted my Illustration and posted it on Instagram!


Illustration of Zara's top picks

Hey all!
 I've been loving the outfit posts people have been creating, and wanted to do one myself. I decided to illustrate it instead, all the lovely pieces are from Zara,