Company magazine and new shirts

So! I have a few things to write about so i thought i'd put it all in one! 
Firstly, My illustration for company magazine has been published in their March 2012 issue, It's the second issue of Company restyled - with gorgeous Zooey Deschanel on the cover.
   My Illustration is to accompany the magazines new Book club, you can contribute your book recommendation on twitter with the hashtag #readitandtweet  (click the link) and maybe tell me what you think of my work alongside it :) 

I loved drawing this, i tried to go for a chic nerdy girl, a little bit like Jess from New girl, make sure you check it out on p94 
on company magazine online

thanks for looking, make sure you get the April issue to see new work!

My new shirts

i've been working on a few more shirts, i have a black cotton shirt with silver flat studs, or a pastel pink with tall silver studs. i love wearing these, they'll look great with knits and jumpers?

Are you interested in these? i'm planning to sell a few on Etsy and my own shop?
i'd love to hear what you think.

x Nat x

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  1. LOVE your company illo! i was only looking through last months issue the other day thinking how good your work would look in there! well done! x