Baking on a snowy day.

My sister and I decided today would be a good oportunity to bake some cake pops and decorate them, being a nice wintry day it gave us something to do, I felt like having a break from designing so this seemed like a perfect thing to do.
The actual baker was £20 from Argos, you can create 12 cakes at a time and you get 50 little sticks as well as tools which make everything really simple. Nothing is complicated except the decorating depending on how adventurous you are ( I burnt the chocolate on the first attempt too) My sister is a real perfectionist so we're going to have fun creating lots of designs and whatnot for the future, We're currently planning a surprise birthday party which these will be perfect for! 

For our first attempt I think we did well, we played it a little safe but i also enjoyed plodding around snapping pictures and editing them after! I've really enjoyed this snowy weather and it's given me lots of chances to get out with my camera which i love! 

A few of the images I went out to take over the last few days.


  1. These look so yummy! I love your snow photos too. X

  2. Thankyou Michaela!! :) It's been nice

  3. These seem really simple and look so cute! May have to have a go at making some :)xx

    1. Hey Hannah! Yeah they are, and so tasty :P x