Graphic eyes

As well as illustration, i do have a passion for graphic design, i chose to use a few of my illustrations to create a page layout and small article about some of the trends i've seen emerging and want to try out myself.I wanted a loose arty vibe to the drawings so i incorporated a doodled background and a smudgy border for the eyebrow drawings. I really love a collaged page layout, it reminds me of scrapbooking for college projects.

I added a splash of watercolour do add a bit of depth around the eyes, I wanted them to look a little messier and less pristine!

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed looking at my little project, could you see this in a magazine? Any advice, comments? 


  1. wow this looks amazing Natalie! :) could definitely see this in a magazine :D xx

  2. AMAZING EYES, you are soooo talented.