Keira Knightly - Just married!

The beautiful Keria Knightly has just gotten married, i spotted a picture of her in the newspaper dressed in a floaty Rodarte dress skipping from the registry office, and i just had to draw it! I'm not sure if this is her actual wedding dress, she may have changed it for the evening ceremony, but it suits her so much, I love the added touch of the cat-eye sun glasses and flowers in her hair, I'm not sure where the cropped jacket is from, but it looks similar to a Chanel blazer i've seen.
If you've seen the pictures, they're very playful and light, and that's what i wanted to go with for the illustration, bright pinks and light colours!
What do you think? 

1 comment:

  1. Love it!
    Really like how you've just used the pink, light and simple :)