Listen and tweet illustration, company magazine.

As you may know I regularly illustrate for the #readitandtweet section in company magazine, I've also just started with the #listensndtweet section too. I love how involved twitter makes you, especially with the use of hashtags, my newest illustration if definite my favourite I've done yet!
I used a reference image of my sister, as she looks quite young I changed the face around keeping the pose the same, I tired to add a little more texture by drawing a jumper with a knitted look to it, it took hours! All individual pencil marks, but looking back I think it's why it's my favourite illustration, taking an extra few hours to tweak and concentrate on detail really makes the difference. 

I'm ashamed to say I use way too much pink in my drawings, I know I'll look back at my portfolio one day and hate myself for it, so I made a very conscious decision to exclude any girly pink hues, having done that I think it works well with this piece, it's still a little subtle with pastel tones but I wanted the lips and jumper to really pop, I think I'm going to explore this style a little more and try and refine it making it identifiable with me, it's not going to be easy but I'm loving having the chance to experiment.

Next month a new illustration will be featured in company showing some make up drawings I've done, it's a really cool article and its a massive honour to be asked to draw time after time for a magazine which is not only awesome, but filled with really lovely people! <3 I do pinch myself sometimes.

Sneaky look! Shhhhhhh x 
Thanks for reading 
Nat x


  1. Your work is amazing! I've always appreciated the creative design that goes into the Company mags. It's good to see they're supporting young illustrators! I look forward to seeing more of your artwork :).

    1. Hey Jessica! thankyou sooo much for the comment, they are really lovely, they took a chance with me and love new talent, they've transformed my work so much, really appreciate you keeping an eye out for my work

  2. These are stunning! love your work, just subscribed! keep it up, looking forward to see your new projects ;)

    1. aw thankyou so much! trying to print some scarves soon!