Phone Case Designs

New designs! 
 I was designing all night and just completely hit a wall, lack of inspiration and feeling a bit deflated.

 I have a ridiculous amount of inspirational books at home, so I decided to have a flick through them, they had lovely batik and hand embroidery examples in, it reminded me of marbling which I'd done a little of in college. I rumaged through the Internet for ingredient lists, It all seemed a little expensive so I thought I'd buy a starter kit, just to see if the process was something I wanted to persue.

The kit came with the primary colours, In little pots which are extraordinarily hard to get the inks to come out of, after snipping them and having my hands turn red to purple to a horrible muddy colour I finally got something going.

I added the thickener to the water, it says "the water should thicken slightly" .... It turned to the consistency of wallpaper paste which I thought would be too thick. I added the drops and started to build it up, I used red and blue, then added some yellow, once I was happy I decided to make some patterns,

 And it looked vile. Awful, terrible. I poured it all out and started again, this time I made the water less thick, and the inks sunk to the bottom. Ha :(
 Next I went back to my original wallpaper paste thickness and decided to stay away from the horrible primary colours and mix my own, I used various reds and swirled them together, it was absolutely perfect this time and I enjoyed every second, once the annoyances are out of the way you can finally have fun. I'm sure it just takes a tiny bit of practise, but being impatient and impulsive I'm always eager to have the finished product. 

Next, I added the paper to make a print. Is there some kind of technique? Or witchcraft? It didn't work for me, I took lots of high res photos, which I used to make prints from, and just as well really, I placed the paper provided on top, and pealed it back eagerly, To find a massive smudge all over the paper and no sign of the delicate pattern which was there at one time.

Never mind, it was a bit disappointing and I didn't get it to work once but the process was fun and I was extremely pleased with what I managed to do.
 I have lots of ideas for the prints, one if using them as these phone cases.

They'll be £12 each and available on my etsy and soon my brand new website! 

Any thoughts?

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