Marbeled Phone Cases

It's a horrible blustery day (for a change....) so i've decided to get back into some crafting and step away from drawing and the computer for a while, it's been really refreshing and much needed.
 I've adored making these cases, instead of moving them around in a definite pattern I decided to let them bleed out naturally and blur with the colours I added. I decided on selecting certain colour themes for each one. As before i'll be selling these for £10 each for iPhone 4/s and 5!

I'd really appreciate some feedback on which ones to print first

I think the first is my favourite, it reminds me of a aerial photos of glaciers and mountains.

And I think the second has a little face in it which I cannot un-see now!
I created these and photographed them as I can never get a print from them with paper and it completely ruins it all :'(  I then edited them in photoshop, you can see below what they look like before I tweak them,

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