Asos Fashion Illustration

It's getting to winter, and I've been looking for cosy Hats and lovely outfit inspiration, whilst going through Asos, I was inspired, so i decided to draw something from their collection.

I really think a simple style says a lot about a person, and it really appeals to me, I know this illustration isn't particularly interesting, loud or colourful but it has a certain simplicity about it which I really like, and I hope is appreciated.
 I kept everything quite clean with a quick wash of paint to suggest the top,

My first work in progress shot, toyed with the idea of leaving the hat blank, but as it's a fashion post I thought some of the clothing needed to have detail. I find teeth a real struggle, if they are too defined they look odd and the gums can look too dark, I also struggle with making the teeth look a little too gappy sometimes, although I do think it works in this piece,

Second Work in progress, Additional detailing is added to the hair,
I'm really enjoying these Fashion Illustration posts and it's nice to get back in to it all, I'll be posting regularly with lots of work in progress shots.

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