Fashion illustration new working in progress

So we're fast approaching the NEW YEAR!
so i thought i'd show you what i'm up to and the plans for 2014, I've already finished a few Illustrations which will be in magazines early next year! which is mad to think i've already completed work which will be shown in the new year. (for two of my favourite magazines) I'll post them when the magazines are out! :D
This particular piece is in it's very early stages is drawn from some reference images that were taken by a friend of mine of a lovely model called Amy, She was great to photograph and gave me some amazing photos to draw from and play around with, I brought some roses on set so i could draw them and then visually build them all around to how I wanted, etc.
 This particular piece is only for my own illustration portfolio, but it's nice to do something for myself and explore some new ideas, techniques i'm working with.

If you can see the detail in the lips and eyes you can tell how pain staking it was to create all the little grooves and shadows, it's a difficult territory to be in, as I still wanted to retain the Illustration quality and not make it too realistic.

 Now! This lady is Laila Daho  you may recognise her from youtube! she does some awesome vidoes on make-up lifestyle etc, i'm working on a banner for her youtube, and this is a very early stage of the work! 

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