2013 in pictures

From Left to Right

1. Jan - We had the most beautiful snowfall, I took my camera out immediately to take some photos, I still think they're my best, they didn't need much editing, the natural light was just stunning. I still like flicking through these, hoping that 2014 will bring beautiful sights too.

2. Feb - We still had some snow, so my Sister and I decided to make some cake-pops, they were brilliant, we bought a little oven with circular moulds so they turned out really well, we then popped them in the snow and I took some photos.

3. March. As I recall it was still a little snowy, it was my mums Birthday but she had to cancel due to the weather being really rubbish, A few weeks later we managed to have the party and made lots of little cake pops for everyone to nibble on.

4. April - I really decided to start taking the blogging seriously, looking back on the post my design work has come a long way, I really have listened and learnt and I like looking back to see the change, I'm always aiming to improve.

5. May - My first Company magazine Beauty Commission, Until this point i'd been working on lots of illustrations with company for their music section, I was really glad to be given the opportunity of drawing some make-up and expanding my portfolio, It was great experience which has improved my skills.

6. June - One of my favourite months, It was so hot, and  everywhere was blooming, I spent a lot of time in Tenbury Wells for my Boyfriend who was producing an Album, I would then spend some time with a friend playing with the chicks and making Elderberry Cordial and lots of other lovely things.

7. July - My 23rd Birthday,  I was in Stratford a lot this month, my boyfriend and I watched the River Festival, again the weather was great ( I honestly think it was one of the best summers) The festival is great, there are lots of lovely canal boats and market stalls, in the evening there's a fireworks display too, so it's really worth going to.

8.  August - I went to Portugal, my first Holiday in 4 years, I last went to Greece, which was beautiful, especially Lindos ( a sickening everlasting boat ride away from where we stayed)
Portugal is beautiful, the sun was hot, the food was amazing and the company was even better. I really loved this Holiday, it went so fast, but I'm glad we got to do so much, visiting the reservoirs, going on a Jeep Safari and seeing new things.
Later in the Month I took my boyfriend to Ragley Hall to the Battle proms, it's highly recommended, and I hope we've started a tradition.

9. September - My first phone cases were printed! I was so excited, my images printed really well and they sold better than i'd imagined, you just wait for this year, So many more designs and so many beautiful things to put them on.

10. October - My first experience in a pop-up shop, I was pretty nervous as i'd never done anything like that, although It was one of my goals so i decided to jump at the opportunity, i'm so glad i now have the experience in doing this, I now understand the market more, what sells, what doesn't :(

11. November - It was pretty quiet for me, I really enjoyed not doing much and just appreciating Autumn, the shop kept me ticking over so I kept my head down with that.

12. December - Christmas! It started off pretty rubbish, but a visit to the German Market and hanging out with good friends quickly changed that, For the first time ever we booked to go out for Christmas lunch, It was lovely and my Mum and Grandma really loved not having to cook. I got a new 50mm lens so i'm excited to start 2014 with it.

Thanks for reading if you got this far, it's been really nice to look back on my year and remember what i've done.

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