My Holiday Accessories

If you follow me on twitter then you probably know that i'm going to New York on Monday! (EEEEK) I cannot wait, and i'm feeling so unprepared, the weather seems to be so unpredictable, sometimes snow, others it appears to be dry and just cold. (Wardrobe hell) I have no idea what to take so i'm putting a lot of varieties into my suitcase just incase.  It's a bit frustrating, those last few days leading up to a holiday as all the things I regularly wear are being washed and I don't want to wear them, My favourite coat is being dry cleaned so i hope it isn't destroyed when i get it back.

I managed to get some great things when looking at second hand shops, Ebay and my local boot market are places i'll go just before a holiday, I suppose i'd rather spend my money on things when I'm there than expensive things to take. A lot of things I have were either bought for me (for xmas or birthday), given to me, or I bought second hand, My best buy is my Tortoise shell cat eye sunglasses, I also have a black version simply because they were £3.69 from this Ebay Store. They look fab and they're simple enough to go with a lot of outfits, it's really difficult to find accessories which aren't overly embellished, but these are perfect. 
 I have two favourite perfumes, The one pictured is Gucci Guilty, and the other is Armani Diamonds (Presents, i'd never buy myself expensive perfumes) But i'm so glad I have them as they're really lovely.My watch is second hand, £2. My YSL earrings are fake! (I feel so ashamed) My favourite lipstick is Loreal, "Colour Riche 461" and as lipsticks go it's one of the best, stays on beautifully, has great coverage and it's a real poppy colour. Highly recommended.

So, i'm just getting final things together now and Pinning lots of places for us to visit, One being the High rise, I've heard it's a really lovely view of New York. Which I can't wait to see! Also we're going to watch some shows on Broadway, I reaallly want to go to some lovely little Cafes, so If you have any suggestions of places to go, please let me know :)
As always, thanks for reading,

Nat x


  1. NY is so exciting <3 x

  2. I like how you edited your post, writing on the Ipad gives it such a fun look! And that red lipstick looks great on you!!

    1. Thankyou! I've been trying to make them a little different, and hopefully a bit more interesting to read :) x

  3. I need those sunnies, i can't believe how cheap they are!

  4. You take lovely pictures! What camera do you use?
    ~Makaela at www.makaelassuitcase.blogspot.com

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I love that lipstick <3