Free Phone Case?

 I'm so excited to announce my first series of YouTube tutorials on how to illustrate, sew, design and print etc! My first video I made recently showing around my workspace and the little things around that inspire me. It got such a great response, My desk isn't to everyone's liking as it's a little minimalistic, and yes it does take an enormous amount of effort to keep it that tidy if you're as messy and forgetful as me.  So here is the first video. I really hope you enjoy it I'm currently working on a new tutorial, featuring flowers, petals and a few found objects, it's really to show how you can create interesting artwork without feeling like you need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment.

 In so many illustrations I seem to be drawn to flowers, they seem to link in perfectly with my designs.
 I'm also looking for bloggers to interact and collaborate with, I'd love to give away one of my newest pastel phone cases in exchange for a review or feature on a blog/video/instagram post. So if you're interested and think that our styles and viewers are interested in the same things then please, drop me an email at natalielines90@gmail.comnatalielines90@gmail.com or leave me a comment here, obviously i'll only be able to give a few away so please don't be upset if i can't choose you!
Thanks again.


  1. I'd love to do it I'm not an artist or illustrator blog though.. x


  2. This is one of the Iphone case that I like.