Hi there! It's been a while since I posted, i'm sorry. It was my 24th Birthday yesterday, so I was celebrating that with my family and friends, my lovely boyfriend took me out for dinner in China Town in Birmingham and my friends were there to surprise me, it was really lovely, and I genuinely had no idea. I got some lovely things for my birthday, tonnes of chocolate which is always fabulous, but i'll be the size of a whale by the time I got to Portugal in August, I also have two weddings to attend that month too, So i can't pig out too much :'( Generally life has been pretty nice lately, I signed a contract with Sydney Public Relations, who is now my creative agency handling my commissions and finding me work etc, so that is SUPER exciting, maybe they can get me out to Australia to do some work (wishful thinking) I got lots of new look vouchers for my birthday, they have SO many gorgeous coats in at the moment which I'm finding very hard to resist, they're all cut so beautifully and look so classy. H&M is totally gorgeous at the moment too, I bought a stunning dress with lace detailing which, does look a little like a neglige, but worn with boots and a leather it looks really nice. You can't see it much in the picture unfortunately.

I also got a gorgeous new lipstick, i've really been into Matt lipsticks lately, it applies like a lipgloss, which is really odd, but it dries and has a beautiful orange tint, perfect for summer and is long lasting. It's Collection - Cream puff in Fairy cake 3. At £2.99 it's ridiculously good value, which makes me very suspicious..... 

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  1. Gorgeous photos Natalie and happy 24th birthday!
    Exciting news about signing for a new agency, I'd love to go to Australia too, that'd be amazing!