A few years ago I decided to try and make the whole illustration thing a way for me to make money, it was an enormously scary decision and I was so nervous about really trying to do this as a living. I saw Company Magazinehad an illustration competition and decided to enter, I didn't win but the art director really liked my work and wanted to commission me for my first published fashion illustration, I soon found out how passionate they were about new talent, art and fashion. They took a chance on me and made people take me seriously. if anyone comments on my work it's because they've seen it in company. I'm sad to hear they're going but I wanted to thank them for letting me be in the magazine over 14 times with my drawings. You're going to be missed.


  1. Wow amazing illustrations! I've just found your blog and followed you on bloglovin, I honestly thought some of your illustrations were photos they're that good! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

    1. AH thankyou so much, that is so kind! :) x

  2. Gorgeous illustrations, it was from Company that I discovered your work :) It's such a shame that it wont be published anymore, I'll miss it.