Autumn Winter loves.

Hi! I thought I'd write a post on my Wardrobe, and my favourite things i'm looking for this winter! Also, I thought I'd try out a new hair style, What are your thoughts? Every time I search for fashion inspiration i've come across ladies with beautiful short bobs, wonderfully textured in tumbling waves. I thought i'd give the style a go to see if it suits me, I think it makes me look entirely different, which is a lot to get used to. Don't I look old to!? 

I thought i'd try out a new hair style! Thoughts?

1. Large Wardrobe
This is my Ikea wardrobe, one of my smartest decisions, lots of room and it's exactly what I wanted, I love whites, I prefer to have a plain room/Wardrobe which can be changed around easily, as apposed to something filled with character which has to compete with it's surroundings. It's just personal preference but I love having everything ordered from my most used to rarely worn, Its nice to visualise what i'm getting the most use out of, and see all the colours which work together. 

2. Sturdy shoes
This year I've been wearing shoes that I wouldn't usually wear, I was never keen on pointed toes and I was more comfortable in a wedge, but as my style has developed I've loved wearing stilettos and ankle straps. For winter i'm going to love looking out for nice sturdy boots with a thick heel. I'm also partial to a 60's style flat too.

Trendy shoes:
Thick heels, brogues.

3. Mixing textures.
The one thing that helps me get over the passing of summer is a lot of lovely knitwear, paired with leathers or cottons the mixture of textures works really well, All my fluffy jumpers look great with a tailored blazer or a patent skirt. I love greys and whites, muted colour palettes are really catching my eye this winter. Last year done up shirts were a massive trend, however this year I think a slouchy blouse with a few buttons left undone paired with tailored pegged trousers is a really beautiful look with out complicating things. 

Winter staples:
Blouses not done up, tailored blazers, Pegged trousers.

4. Beauty
I've recently noticed a huge increase in people waring nude lipsticks, I've recently bought a few matt lipsticks in oranges and light pinks, just as a variation, as I usually wear a nice bold red. However, Miss Kylie Jenner has brought the over lined nude shades back into the spotlight (through her love of the 90's) and it's really starting to take off again.  I can't say I'm totally taken with the 90's grunge fashion lately, as I think it's gone on for a long time, but I do love a nude lipstick.

Favourite lipstick colours:
purple, nude, maroon

5. Wardrobe updating. 
 Ok, I've discovered something really interesting, Vinted, an online platform where you can sell unwanted clothes and.... Swap them too. I'm amazed that people have been interested in the items I don't like any more and have agreed to swap with me for items that I really love, It's a great way to update your wardrobe if you want to save money as all you have to pay is postage, there's also a lot of good quality clothing on there going for really reasonable prices. There's nothing to lose, so try it out. If you want to see what i'm getting rid of then you can find me here. I'm looking out for a white blazer at the moment, so maybe we can swap? 

Best to find on Vinted:
Asos, H&M, Misguided 

6. Jewellery
I'm resisting the urge to buy a choker, just because i'm a little over fashion moving backwards at such a strong pace, having said that if there are some lovely ones I might purchase! I store my necklaces and rings in Kilner jars, they're so easy to find and look lovely placed over the room as a decoration, my favourite accessories at the moment are thin chains, and layering lots of different rings!

best accessories:
Flash tattoos, silver and gold rings. 

ok, so those of my favourite things i'll be wearing this winter, I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog, i'm trying to up my photography standard to make it all a little more interesting! If there are any comments, tips etc you want to give me, then I always welcome them.
If you want to keep in touch with me I'm on:

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  1. I love the hair and I love the outfits! You're so stylish and chic!


  2. The first photo has a very old Hollywood feel. Lovely

    1. Thankyou Myra, not sure the short hair is for me though, I just tucked it up in a bun to try it out :P x

  3. Lovely outfit and photos! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I love this post Natalie! Especially the photos, loving your wardrobe and can I have all of your shoes please haha :) loving the new hair too, so chic! Can't decide on short or long atm myself xo

    Hannah <3 www.loveiconfantasyego.com

    1. Thankyou Hannah! haha, I think we all have shoe addictions, don't we ;) x

  5. When I see this I am sooo getting into the fall/winter mood. Love it!



  6. Great article ! I love your photos !

    1. Merci! one day it will be in french ;) x

  7. I've just discovered your blog and I absolutely love the minimalist feel to it, and your photography is really gorgeous - keep it up! I love how you've styled your hair. I always think textured bobs have a beautiful tomboy-ish feel to them. Loving this peek into your wardrobe!


    1. Thank-you so much Portia, that is such a beautiful compliment x

  8. The perfect dressing !