All White Everything

ok,  So by now Fashion week has done it's thing and we've gotten a little insight into what trends will emerge and some crazy things that we're never going to be able to pull off..

As I've mentioned before I just adore WHITE, it's becoming one of my favourite hues, paired with mom jeans or black pegged trousers it can look so elegant and chic. Illustrating fashion makes me really aware of the trends and has really inspired me to get some new products out, I have some new prints up in my store and I've introduced these lovely white pleather bags, which are perfect accessories for now onwards and the emerging love affair with white.  My new favourite purchase is this new white blazer from Zara, I got it second hand from Vinted for £20, it's like new, fitted and has little gold buttons, it's perfect to wear over a blouse or a formal dress. it's also lovely with a stripey top underneath, which makes it a little easier to wear in a casual fashion.
My blouse is River Island, and my bag, of course, is handmade by me! and is a bargain £12 from my own shop HERE or from my ETSY if you prefer to buy that way!  from Fashion week i've also noticed some amazing coats, (macs to be precise) Jason wu is an enormous inspiration for me, but sadly I can't say there is one designer I love year after year as my taste and theirs, change so reguarly, I just enjoy it all for what it is and usally love certain pieces styled within editorial shoots etc. 

Being as mucky as I am,  this whole white clothing phase is going to be super challenging, but i am determined to keep this pristine for as along as I can.... within reason... not making any promises. As i I write I am eating a chocolate Eclaire.

Akris, Jason Wu and Issey Miyake


  1. I like how sophisticate a white ensemble looks, and you are totally pulling it off here! Your new clutch design is beautiful. The gold touch the zipper offers is very elegant.

    1. Thanks so much! I love my little bag, i hope everyone else does too x

  2. Replies
    1. Mine too! a tough one to pull off, haha! x

  3. Love you blog!! It so professional and creative! Love this post! Im adore monochrome
    Martina x


    1. Thankyou so much Martina, love your blog x

  4. All white is just such a classy look. The over coat you're wearing is just to die for. I cannot believe how amazing your Etsy shop is too!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  5. You llok great, love all this white

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  6. Love the chic crisp look white gives, I'm awful at keeping it clean though and am always ruining them washing them with other colours!


  7. You look gorgeous, such a sophisticated look :)