Hey All, it's been a while hasn't it? I've, as always been super busy with work but i've finally had five minutes to update on what i've been up to, etc.

A lot has happened and i've been doing lots of preparation for 2015, I'm going away to Barcelona For a few months in February and i'm a little nervous, but mainly excited about it! it'll be lovely to see the city properly and obviously I need to see all of the galleries, etc! If you have any good suggestions on what to see, then please let me know!

Fashion wise, things are changing, as you can see my photo to the left is probably the most natural i've been in a while (ha) I'm so inspired by simplicity i'm really going to encourage it more this year, Designers such as Whistles and Reiss are fast becoming my favourites.
Makeup wise, i'm going to play with some more natural hues, i've loved my new pink lipstick (in the shade Love Me") from Essence, stupidly cheap but applies as well as expensive brands, it's long lasting and very smooth.  Also, MUA's highlighter is always beautiful to aid contouring. I've also been making an effort to wear less eyeliner and use just mascara, it's such a simple change but i think it makes a big difference. 
So yeah, a quick catch up, and i'll be posting some big work in the next few weeks for a hairdressers i've been working with. 
some of the imagery i've been loving for 2015, lace lingerie, pastel blouses, and metallic accessories. 

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  1. The natural look really suits you Natalie, I'm totally with you on simplicity too! Love your 2015 inspiration and looking forward to seeing your latest work x