florals and Pastels

Today i went on a Shoot with the Talented Chaz Barnes and Rebecca Yates, Collaborating on an a project i've wanted to do for ages! A soft pastel inspired shoot with some floral illustrations. I couldn't be more excited about the results, our Model Stephanie Warwick was perfect! I gathered a few behind the scenes shots, I'm just waiting on the contact sheets so I can start illustrating.

Rebecca started with a Purple dusty eye shadow to bring out the green in Stephanies eyes, she kept it all very pale and delicate at first which was beautiful. We then moved onto darker looks, messed up the hair and tried some moody lighting.

Wind machine in a can. 
Above: Stephanie brought a few beautiful handmade dresses in (to be credited) 
I love these photos, I just know i'll be completely undecided and overwhelmed by the shots and want to draw on all of them. :)

Rebecca brought in some flower bobbles in she'd bought from Accessorise, i wanted to mix some of my illustrations with actual flowers so we created a headpiece supported with lots of grips, I love the mixture of small and large flowers, we faded them out over the top of the head with individual flowers so there wasn't a mass on one side. I think it went really well, so i can't wait to start drawing on these (may have mentioned that once.... or twice)
Our inspiration for Makeup looks.


  1. it looks like a really lovely shoot to be a part of, can't wait to see the finished images!xx

  2. Those photos look great! gorgeous headpiece :D
    can't wait to see your artwork based on them! XD xx