Company magazine illustrations

Woah, nothing wedding related Natalie? That is a shock!
 Considering most of my followers are more likely to be interested in my illustration work, i think i should probably post about it, I'm currently sat on a bed eating American candy, flicking through Company and wondering what to write..

I couldn't find a paper copy of Company today so I bought it on my Ipad which i've never done before, I'm now hooked! i love having a magazine when traveling, but having them all digitally saves me loads of space and i can indulge without feeling too guilty, (they're loads cheaper if you want to buy a years subscription)
However working in printing I do enjoy flicking through pages and.. at the risk of sounding like a loser I do love having a hard copy now and again,  plus my Grandma always wants a version, bless her

I was asked by Company to illustrate three ladies who are quite influential in the music industry, i really enjoyed the project and tried to incorporate things that were mentioned in the article that related to each girl.

One of my favourite illustrations was for Sarah, she mentioned how making a good impression was vital, making cups of tea for the right people is something everyone has to do! I drew a few cute little cupcakes and pots of tea to link in with the interview.
I can relate to the tea making, however as a non tea drinker please be aware if you want a drink from me I've had bad feedback ;) I'm more of a Hot chocolate girl,

Perry from little mix was another little illustration featured within the larger one of Anya (Syco A&R)
 I loved using watercolours in this and partially shading her hair, i'm going to explore this style a bit more i think..

I've also got an Illustration in the #Readitandtweet section, I'm looking for a nice new book to get addicted to as i've just finished the Hobbit, What are you reading?

Anyway, what do you think? I'd love to know if you liked the feature, for anyone looking to get into the music industry it's really worth a read, networking is they key


  1. I've just found your blog and am absolutely in love with all of your illustrations! So, so lovely!


  2. These are fantastic! I still have yet to pick up the latest copy of Company! :D xx