Illustration work

I've been experimenting with different ways of incorporating fashion illustration in an interesting way!
I decided to play with a repeat pattern and some darker colours, as usually i use quite light colours and washes. I love flamingos, however I did struggle with the hues and colours within the piece, but turning certain elements into greyscale really improved the look, so I'm a little happier with how it looks now! (Reference by Rankin)

I'm also planning a new website with a shop, something a bit different to my illustrative work which puts a focus on the stationery and print side of things, I've been using my camera a bit more as I'm going to have a few banners which I want to be pretty and inviting, below is an early view of what I'm playing with.
I borrowed my mums flowers and arranged my wine bottle labels and matchbooks within them,

My desk! I love my mac but I may invest in a large screen for home! I do miss working with two screens. As I mentioned in my previous post I've been looking at interior design magazines, I love clean and minimalistic spaces, my room has cream tints in it at the moment but I'm keen to lighten it up with white, especially white wooden floors (ooh)

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