Illustration, black and white watercolours

Hey all!
Thanks for viewing my new blog, Hoping everything looks nice on it, I just wanted to write an update on my new work, I really felt like my portfolio needed some versatility and a breath of fresh air, so i decided to experiment with some watercolours and pencils in a different way.

The image below is something i'm really proud of, it look a long time and I do struggle with making sure the image is simple enough but still pleasing to look at. (something I spoke about with my Asos Illustration in a previous post)

  I thought it looked a little plain, so i added some extra movement with sharp brush strokes at the bottom to imply a fluffy jumper! If you really like this piece you can get the A4 Version Here for £10
 I think it shows a really mature side to my work and something i hope to pursue and experiment with. 

This Second piece is a very early work in progress shot, It's going to have a very stark black background and dramatic reds. I'm looking forward to completing this piece as it won't be like something i've done before.

My First watercolour piece, very close up and simple again, 
It's gotten a really good reaction, I do like the eyes, If you like this illustration you can buy it here for £10

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