Christmas Cards

Well, It's December, Already! Where has this year gone?
 We all had goals and ambitions for the year, mine was to gain more exposure within the Illustration word.
set up a shop! (DONE)
 and, I think, to explore my artistic style a bit more.

I do think i've achieved a little of it, i'm never 100% happy with my work, but i'm ok with that, personally i don't think i'll improve if i'm content (I think i've said that a lot)

I've made some really girly Illustrative christmas cards, they're luxurious, pretty and delicate, and are perfect to send to those friends who love Fashion and all the stereotypical girly things I adore too ;)
I wanted to experiment with the pink and gold colour palette, I think it works really well as a christmassy Card to go along with presents or as a gift card, After xmas I will be selling these as Happy Birthday Cards too!

They're £5 for a pack of 5! or £1.50 each
The pack can be a mixture of the two designs or of one only.
It's up to you, but be quick, They're selling out :)
You can buy them HERE

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