Best blogs to follow for 2014


Good afternoon!
I'm in desperate need of some amazing new blogs to follow for Christmas and the new year, I want to really get involved and see some great blogs I can interact with an be inspired by,
So if you're blogging about fashion, illustration, crafts, fashion or lifestyle drop your link below and I'll check you out and follow you!

 Just a quick question, how would you recommend following people on blogger, I'm signed up with bloglovin which is cool, any other ways or simpler methods?

Looking forward to seeing some blogs :) 


  1. Hi Natalie, love your work and blog!
    I'm an illustrator too and write about this and general life :)

    I use both blogger and bloglovin' to be honest!

    Estelle x

    1. Hey Estelle,
      Thank you, i've added bloglovin now! all seems a bit complicated at the moment, (I feel like my mum, haha sighhh)

      Really enjoying your blog, the style inspo is great

  2. ashleyjayneillustration.blogspot.co.uk

    I think I prefer using bloglovin to follow blogs/people.
    It's just simple and easy to use.

    Ashley Jayne, xx

    1. Hey Ashley,
      Thankyou, i got bloglovin now, i think it'll just take me a bit of time to get used to it all :P
      Really loved looking through your blog, your deer illustration is super cute <3
      Natalie x

  3. Ill follow you in bloglovin as well :)

    My lj blog has no definite category mostly rankings :p