2014 Scandinavian Interior Design

Interiors have been a massive inspiration for me this year, having designed lots of cushions I've really taken a big interest in design and how they can fit within surroundings that i like. I've really loved scandinavian design, the bright whites with contrasting colours really appeal to me.

Images via Pinterest.

I've put together some buys based on my inspiration, I'd love to buy the expensive things, but what's the point when IKEA and Habitat have beautiful versions, i'll be buying these all AFTER christmas, so hopefully they'll all be a little cheaper, the thing i'm most excited about is the desk, its only £90 and the side pulls out, so it's great for when i'm crafting and that extra space when i'm sewing. I'm planning to put it in the corner of my room so it'll fit perfectly!

I would adore a real Eames chair to go with the desk, but as usual Ikea have brough out something which I love just as much.  The perspex chair (on the moodboard above)
I have lots of bits and pieces to organise so i love the habitat suitcase for all my threads and craft materials.

 I'll be posting pictures early next of my new room coming together!

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