What I got for Christmas

I got three extra awesome things for Christmas,
The first being this lovely little piggy bank from  Salt and Pepper, I'm obsessed with pigs. It's bright white and sits in my room perfectly! I love the gold crown too. I was so relieved to find it had an opening to get the money out, I've seen lots of lovely money boxes which you have to smash to get the money from, As satisfying as it may be I couldn't bring myself to do that if it were as lovely as this one!
The second was this little watch from Miss Selfridge, Unfortunately not in the sale but I was given a few vouchers so I decided to get it with that. I can't moan at it not being in the sale when it's £20 (I think it looks way more expensive than that!)
 I just love the design and it goes so well with my denim shirt and my thick winter coat.
Lastly, I got a Canon 50mm Lens, it was reduced and selling for around £80. Photography is just a hobby of mine, so i love picking up things to get me inspired again, and it's done just that.

I took a few photos so I could update my about me section on my website and have a play with my new lens

What did you get for xmas?


  1. Such lovely things! That watch really does look much more expensive than it is and your photo looks beautiful. X

    1. Aw thankyou, i can't believe my luck in getting a watch like that too :)