New Phone Cases!

I'm super excited to show off my new phone cases, i've been wanting to do these for ages now, after having some bad experiences with other suppliers, (late delivery, dodgy colours and worse quality) It gave me the nudge to actually do this myself, and why not? I love making things, I can test out one offs and really get a feel for the market. I'm really lucky to have the chance to do this so i'm going to try and make it work the best I can :)
 Below is one on my best sellers, I put it online and got so much support from everyone about this case, created by marbling I added my favourite pastel tones to create this. It was tricky to get right on the phone cases, but i'm really pleased with the result :) I'd love to see photos of your phone if you purchase this!
 Did i mention it's only £10 from here

I've also been playing with other images, The other two shown below are from my marble collection too,  The first is the pink and gold, a great feminine case, with lovely contrast and bold colouring, the middle is the Pastel Case from above, and Lastly is the Teal case, a real sensitive and subtle case with gold flecks and light washy colours. 

Above are my newest additions! my hand-drawn illustrations freshly printed on white cases!

 I'd love to know what you think about my cases, I'm going to continue experimenting with all of them, making new ones and seeing what sells, so keep up to date as there's loads to come on shop.natalielines.co.uk 

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