Update on life

Wooo! Hi All,  So excited to show some new pictures, I've been playing with my camera and just adored the depth of field, I wanted to experiment with a new backdrop to compliment my phone cases, Although it's quite glittery I really wanted it to be fresh and bright and show off the vivid colours.
 I've changed the process a bit in printing meaning that the cases are a lot sturdier and the colours are so much brighter. It's been a brilliant learning process which i've enjoyed so much. I did expect it to be a complete nightmare. I'm excited to start stocking my cases in new shops too, and i'm also doing lots of new craft fairs this year, so look out for that. By the way, My sister kindly accepted my request to be the hand model (such an honour, ha!) but look at those nails, who else would I ask?

Once i'd taken my product photos I wanted to see how the backdrop would look with different subjects,  As i'm a freelance illustrator I spend a lot of time alone, making my cat the only available model! But she's gorgeous isn't she! ( I drew her for my cat phone case) I also took a Self Portrait.

 As always, thanks for reading,
 Natalie x


  1. love the self portrait, purple is amazing on you! perhaps you should branch out into nail art using acrylic paint on your sister's nails next!

    1. Thanks so much Lydia, Sometimes nice to put a face to all the artwork, everyone can know who's annoying them then ;)
      The Nail-At is such a good idea! I'd love to do that!

  2. such a pretty self portrait of you, also love the phone cases :D