Bafta Award Illustrations

The Baftas are our own lovely British Award Ceremony, I really wanted to draw some of the UK ladies who's personal and event style I admire. Kiera is very well known for her fashion sense and is seen to wear a lot of outfits that I love. Suki is relatively new on the scene compared to Kiera, however I'm really enjoying seeing her style blossom. 

Suki Waterhouse, wearing the most amazing outfit, The dress has a glamorous vintage vibe with the hem line finishing just below the knee and a matching belt cinching the waist, The dusty pink Ralph and Russo cape has a very detailed ruffled shoulder, It really reminded me of the flowing capes which chanel made in the 1950's which were often worn with matching dresses/skirts underneath.
 I am really enjoy the matching pastels in this outfit, which are very on trend at the moment, I've seen a big increase in the use of pink and red lately (which i've mentioned before in another post when I illustrated Sarah Jessica Parker) I think Suki used this trend in a very smart way adding the bold red in small details (only on the lips and nails) making her one of the best dressed in my opinion.
 Another outfit Suki wore during the Baftas was a royal blue tailored suit, posing with Cara Delevigne in a similar Burberry tux, I was really impressed with all of her outfits throughout the night and i'll be looking forward to seeing her trying out new styles soon.

Kiera Knightley attended the Bafta Dinner party wearing head to toe Burberry, This outfit is slightly less formal than other attendants, however it really is lovely styling, The Burberry jacket has very detailed parts with many zips and fasteners, also the padded details on the upper and lower arms make this a really stunning leather. Costing around £1500 I can only imagine how lovely the quality must be, Underneath Kiera wore a short sleeved Burberry dress with a black and blue circle print, and accessorised the outfit with a dark quilted Chanel bag and wore pointed flat shoes.
 If you look at Kiera's personal style she often wears this jacket and doc martins, Her fashion sense really appeals to me, it's very casual and mixes many designers such as Chanel, Michael Van Der Ham and Gucci, Having read others opinions  on this outfit, it seems to have caused a little controversy with people mentioning the length is too long,  without showing much shape, personally I wouldn't change a thing with this outfit and think it works perfectly. 

Anyway! I appreciate you reading, Hope you like the illustrations, i wanted to present them to everyone in a different way which wasn't pasting the photos directly from the internet, I'm planning to do more illustrations of events, ect, so let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations. 


  1. Beautiful as always! I love that you draw the things you love, because that definitely comes through in your work. It's obvious that you really admire those women and their outfits rather than just thinking 'oh, I'll draw a pretty dress today!'

    1. Thankyou SOO much, it really means a lot to me. x

  2. Crazy detail, The Kiera Drawing is really great, did it take long?