Leopard Print

Leopard Print, (with great power, comes great responsibility) ha! But really, it's such a striking print that just a hint of it is enough, I can't say i'm a huge fan of the print when it's in prink or any other garish colour.
 I recently bought some new shoes from Ebay, I had my heart set on some leopard print shoes for a long time, but finding the right type or print which weren't on 6 inch heels with a huge platform proved pretty challenging. I finally found some lovely shoes, with a small heel (4in) usually not a fan of tiny heels but they do give enough height and are really comfortable. 

£8 from Ebay, (My photograph)

Some Leopard prints I love, espescially with Olivia's pink dress..
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  1. love that photo of Olivia Palermo :)