I'd really love to shop new more often, but unfortunately money does get tight now and again, so it's always wise to save where and when you can. My dad has been going to car boots and second hand shops all of his life, when I was little I was constantly dragged around bored out of my mind, flicking through books which felt a hundred years old, however, when I took a few pounds to spend on a sunday I really made it go far and it was surprised how good things were if you took the time to look.
 I decided to go back this morning with my dad as I haven't been for a while. I took £10 with me and made it my budget, (Big spender, I know). I usually like to have an idea in my head of what i'll buy, I had my heart set on some nice small heels, however at a place like this it's hard to be too specific as you never know what will be there. 

My First purchase was a thick red jumper with a nice high round neck, I'm planning to wear it underneath my long beige coat. It was £3, I always feel cheeky trying to lower the price, however, that is not an issue for my dad, he got a pound off it, and the lady grumpily stuffed it in a bag, (I felt bad, but it was pretty funny) Next was a pair of shoes which i'd usually despise, such a small heel! I'm 5'2, I need more height. I'm going through a "Carrie, Sex and the City" phase at the moment and kept running into long skirts with court shoes and kitten heels, and at two pounds I thought I may as well try them, a little insole is needed but they fit pretty nicely, These are super comfortable and look great with black trousers and a white blouse, as they're a little lower than i'd usually wear they are less formal and go with more outfits, So i'm pretty happy about that little find. Lastly is my new watch, I recently got a lovely one in the sale from Miss Selfridge, I find that it's a little big for me as it's non-adjustable, it's not a massive issue it just sits on my arm a little higher, It's also more suited to an evening, So this lovely thing is going to be my everyday watch.
 £7 in total for nearly a whole outfit. Oh yeahh.

 Afterwards I went out to take some pictures, putting my new jumper to the test, i'll be honest, I was a little hot! and i'm the coldest person ever :D


  1. Wow, I love the look of your car boot bargains! I can only recall going car-booting probably once or twice in my life with my mum when I was younger, but seeing your fab bargains definitely makes me want to start car-booting on a regular basis! I absolutely love the look of your jumper - perfect for these horrible, cold, rainy days we've been having. Also, the heels & watch are lovely :-)

    Really like these photos you've taken too. Were they taken in Birmingham? If they were, it's hard to believe haha! I'm actually in the process of saving up for a DSLR camera at the moment & am wondering what camera you used to take these photos? Thanks! :-)

    1. Aw thankyou! Yes, it's so uninteresting when you're young, It's definitely the time to go to car boots everything is so cheap, I love vintage shops but they charge so much for the same things i'll find here, obviously there it a lot of rubbish but it's nice to rummage :P
      What ever camera you get just buy a 50mm, It's beautiful! I then edit on photoshop which is why they're a little warmer. :)