Susie Bubble

 Whilst flicking through the couture week photos, I always have a look through the front row, it's really interesting to see the style of the people who attend, and how they're influenced by fashion, of course it's different for everyone, but Susie Bubble is a lady who always stands out to me, her style is so unique, She is aware of the trends but doesn't let them control her, she wears what she wants, and it never comes across in attention seeking way, Even the brightest and extraordinarily colourful outfits appear to be put together with not only thought but a humble love and understanding of fashion.

When I see an image that I want to draw, it bugs me for a while, I can't get it out of my head, I think about how i'll draw it what colours i'll use and if i'll add any mixed media, I love being bugged by inspiration.

I envy those who will wear an outfit regardless of how others may react, I do wonder how i'd dress if wasn't so conscious of people's opinions. Saying it sounds very shallow, but i'm sure it's something that people can relate to. Having said that, the blogging world is really taking over, and with that is more exposure to new trends within different countries, which is an exciting and inspiring time, a few clicks and you can find the most stylish in any place you may want, It's great to challenge your perception of style and try things out of your comfort, I think susie is doing just that, and I'm excited to take a few more risks this year.
 If you haven't heard of Susie or her work (i'm 100% sure you know who she is) then check her out here 

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