Company Magazine Illustrations March 2013

Woo! It's been a crazy month of work for me, I've done loads, and they're all being released at once, these were drawn very late last year (drawn the same time as the Paris Issue work) These are my favourite drawings so far, They seem so delicate and really represent spring (drew lots of little flowers)
We went through a few outfit changes, added various accessories, removed things and worked out what looked better, I'm really pleased with the final result, I roughly drew out the placement of the products for them to be replaced with the photographs, 

Any thoughts on the drawings?


  1. Gorgeous illustrations :)
    just bought the new issue of company today so I'll look out for your work :)



  2. Your work is so beautiful Natalie! It looks so simple because you often use just greys and pinks, but the detail is amazing too. Tonnes of talent!