New Skirts and New Items

It's an exciting day! My new fabric arrived and i've been making my new cushions, glasses cases and pouches. I've also got a lovely new skirt from Zara, it's off white and pleated.  It's a little long, so i'm going to take it up to just above the knee.
I wanted in involve some of the things I make into my posts, and especially the fashion side of things to show how they can be used and styled. My glasses cases have been made with my kitty print on them as a prototype, i'm selling them for £10 on my website here. My phone fits in it too, so i'm popping that in there when I don't need the glasses. 

I'm working so hard to get lots of products together, i'm pleased to see some of them getting stocked in shops and i'm trying to expand my hand made items so I can try and be more self sufficient. Illustration wise I've been making lots of new prints and working with new companies which i'm really excited to talk about! until then, thanks for reading!

Primark top £2.50 Blazer (Given to me) Zara Skirt £39.99 Primark Slingbacks £7


  1. I love the case, It'd be perfect for a friend of mine

    1. Oooh thankyou!
      They're really lovely, coming in more exciting colours too! <3

  2. Oh natalie that skirt is perfection, what a great versatile piece! cant wait to see more of your new fabric products too! xx

    1. Thankyou! yes i can't wait to show what's new :D

  3. Such a lovely outfit, you look so elegant :)
    And, congratulation for your work/project!

    Nikami |Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. You look so gorgeous here! Congrats on the glasses cases, it's fantastic that you are getting your products out in stores I can't wait to see them around :D
    good luck!


  5. love this outfit :-) you look gorgeous girl !xx