Kraft Wedding Matchbooks

Happy Monday! 
 I'm proud to show off my new Matchbooks, I've been doing these for a while now and they're really picked up in popularity, especially for Weddings, They make excellent favours for guests, and they're not too expensive either. They come staples with little envelopes to put a gift in for your friends. A popular choice is flower seeds, such as forget me nots, or poppy seeds. As you can see form the picture one client has gone for the flowers seeds and another has chosen a little mint to go inside. They're both chosen their own wording to make it personal and used one of my designs to make it stand out a bit more. I've just introduced the Kraft range! They're so  lovely and vintage, It's best to stick with darker hues on these as when printed things colours will appear darker due to the colour of the kraft. I really is endless what you can use these for and the wording you can have to change it up, if you have any questions or want something a bit different then you can email me. 

You can purchase them on my website here! 
from £30 for 50 Matchbooks


  1. Aww this idea is so cute, I love how people use these to put flower seeds in them. That's a lovely idea!


  2. So cute!!


  3. I had these for my wedding, they're so beautiful. I'll send over the pictures soon, Thankyou so much xxxxxxxxxx