Debenhams and Gather.ly illustration

Well hello! It's been such a lovely springy day, fresh, bright and complete with some april showers! I've been working on a slightly secretive project. Organised by the amazing gather.ly I, along with a group of artists were given a line to interpret by Debenhams, and to create a piece from the quote. We were allowed to be so lose with the brief and really do what we wanted with it, i loved that aspect and decided to do a feminine flowery illustration.
Gather.ly works within the creative industries making sure no-one misses out on amazing opportunities to work with great brands, they're a new company but it's obvious they're going to make a big impact in the art world, and for great reason, i'm so glad they approached me and gave me this opportunity, so if you et a chance, check them out.

I'm not a fine artist, I played around a little with concept in college, but it's not something that is the driving force for my work, it sounds little vain to say but visuals are obviously very important for me. Chris Turner, a film-maker from London came to film and interview me about the piece and I explained the techniques and processes I go through to get to the final illustration, Now, I'm absolutely terrified to hear what I've said, i'm not the most eloquent of speakers and i'm not used to interviews/camera in my face, so I'll apologise now for the nonsense i've most likely have spoken. Having said that Chris's work is really great and i'm looking forward to seeing the film he's made about all of the artists. There will be an exhibition in London (Shoreditch) on the 14th May  at The Allpress Espresso  Roastery 58 Redchurch St, Shoreditch, Greater London showing everyone's final pieces, it's going to be relaxed and really informal,  I haven't exhibited a piece in so long, So that's exciting. It's open to everyone, so pop along and check out The Art Of Interpretation 

I get distracted easily......

You may know I use a lot of pink, I adore the colour, however I really wanted to get away from it and use some different tones, Black and white adds such class to an image which I really like within this, The model has more of a mature look so I didn't want to undermine it with pinks and pastel colours. The ink splashes were created traditionally, i then scanned them in and edited them in photoshop, along with the illustration. I really hope you like the final piece and seeing around my workspace. 

Want to know who else is exhibiting, well. We have Jean Jullien, Charlotte Posner Edward Carvalho Monaghan and Eleanor Rose

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  1. This looks amazing!