Kate Moss for Topshop. Vogue Cover

Hello! An Illustration update, if you're a new follower, you may have only seen some of my outfit updates which I really enjoy doing, but my day job is freelance Illustration. I've currently been working on Illustrating the gorgeous Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue wearing her Topshop collection. I've incorporated a few traditional techniques as real textures can make a big difference. There are also a few watercolour splashes as well as making the "Vogue" from glitter (i'm a bit obsessed) I love how it's not entirely neat and sparkles spill over into the illustration, As you can see it was originally gold, I started by drawing the logo out on an A3 sheet and filling the glitter in the spaces, some of it was super tricky, I refined areas in photoshop and changed around the colours until I was happy with a silvery blue tint to compliment the salmon backdrop.

It's been an absolute joy to draw this, it's really been a learning curve and my skills have definitely improved, I always aim to make my newest piece the best it can be, it doesn't always work that way but taking the time to be patient really has paid off. I've attached some early screen caps and ideas I went through to get to the final image.  I'm glad it's all done now and I can move on to current commissions, I'm hoping this illustration will show the glossy magazines what I can produce for them and hopefully complete some drawings to be featured in the future.
 I hope you like this illustration and let me know your thoughts and if you're also in love with the new collection!
 Nat x 

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