Day 2! So, uncomfortably and unwillingly I was encouraged to use more colour in my work, Usually this doesn't go well for me, which is why I'm never too eager about it. However I chose to use some watercolour washes in my work this time and decided to use them in a different way, adding other hues and colours, making them look a bit more interesting and less flat, surprisingly it worked, I increased the saturation through photoshop to make them pop a little more with some curves, which seemed to give a really warm bright look to the finished piece. I was concerned that working on a new illustration every day would harm the quality of my work, I had the idea that rushing my designs would mean I would sacrifice the detail that I love to put in, But i didn't allow myself to do that, I worked extra hard and made sure I was creating content that I was proud to release, when it comes down to it I'd always chose quality over quantity, It's also made me make decisions quicker, which is where I think i was going wrong before when experimenting with colour, I'd over-think the process too much and never let it grow enough to enjoy the finished product. I've seen that coming out of my gothy comfort zone has really blown away some cobwebs and let the creativity flow again. Make sure you check back tomorrow for a new Illustration. Day 3 is going to be a little different.
 big Thank-you to Elliot for making me try colour again.

 This print, along with the shoe print from yesterday is now available HERE for £10 

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