Keep your heels and your standards high

Good Morning everyone! Thank-you for the increase in new followers, if you're reading now, Hello! 
 I wanted to let you know about a little task i've set myself, in the name of creating new content, in a fast and interesting way, I'm creating new illustrations everyday from yesterday to the 22nd July (My Birthday) So i'm excited to show you my first drawing, I've been wanting to draw some stunning high heels on top of my favourite books for a while now, A print which would look beautiful in the room of any fashion and shoe lover, Chanel is an enormous inspiration of mine so I had to sneak that book in too.

Prints are available for a cheeky £10 so get it here

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  1. I really like this idea and task you have set yourself, I think its a great way to keep things fresh and challenge yourself too :D I'm excited to see what you come up with!