Tala Samman & Natalie Lines Illustration

As some of you may know, I'll be spending a lot of my time in Dubai from Novemeber, I'm excited then i get a bit nervous, then excited again. In anticipation for this i've been working with Dubai Blogger Tala Samman, who i'm sure you're already very aware of, her blog is clean, fashionable and bursting with content on a regular basis which keeps it a powerful tool for her business.
We've been working together on a few blog posts to add an extra bit of flare to her articles, it's always a pleasure to draw a beautiful face so i've enjoyed working with her! 

We worked on some illustrations together for her Article on 2015's Best foundations, from an illustrative point of view all the products worked really well together visually and came together to make an illustration i'm really proud of. 

A small update on personal work i've been creating for my website shop. You can purchase prints over at shop.natalielines.co.uk for £10!

Tala has also started a career in DJ'ing, which is a new exciting step in strengthening her identity in the business world, i created this illustration for her Instagram, I think she slightly resembles Anna Kendrick in this image, If you're a blogger in Dubai and want to collaborate then shoot me an e-mail to natalielines90@gmail.com and we can chat! 

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